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Welcome to Laptop Repairs for Basildon. We are a small family business based in Basildon. We can fix any laptop make and model on the market. Even if you purchased your laptop in the U.S we can still fix it for you. We have been repairing laptops for 17 years.


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We are also repair specialists in ipad repairs iphone repairs and projectors. For Laptop screen repairs we will never be beaten on price. So if you live or work in Basildon please give us a call today. Free diagnosis.

Laptop call out service – no callout charge


  • Laptop Screen repairs £90
  • Laptop broken power pin connector repairs £50
  • Laptop not turning on £50
  • Laptop virus removal Guaranteed £50
  • Ipad screen repairs £80 ( we only fix ipad 2 and 3 )
  • Iphone repairs £75
  • iphone 5 screen repairs £90
  • All projector repairs are £99

Give our friendly engineers a call on 0800 118 2275


Our Repair services for Basildon and surrounding areas is simply unbeatable.

We offer :

  1. Free pick up (projector must be removed from Ceiling first)
  2. Free diagnosis
  3. 24 hour turnaround
  4. Every repair under £75


Our engineers have been repairing projectors for almost a decade.

  • We can help you with missing pixels on the screen.
  • Flickering green and blue image.
  • A projector not turning on.
  • Projector cuts out after 5 minutes.
  • Flickering lines on the screen.

For all other projector repair issues Call our office today.

t 0800 118 2275

If you are based in Essex and you have a projector problem we can help.


Free diagnosis

Every Projector Repair under £95

24 hour turn around.

Serving Essex since 1995

laptop not booting up loading windows

Here we try to help you fix your laptop your self.

1) Check the power cord make sure the light is on the charger.

2) Remove the battery. 50% of laptops not turning on caused by a dodgy battery.

3) Hold the power button for 3 seconds still no life go to 4

4) You have a motherboard fault. Give us a call for free advice.

Reasons for laptops not booting up.

A laptop will not boot up if it has condensation damage. Some customers leave their laptop in the boot of the car and condensation will cause it not to boot. Another fault could be dead capacitors on the motherboard. Finally a laptop will not boot if the main motherboard chipset is dead.



Our Stereo microscope view of motherboard

We can also help with Acer Repairs

Call us today for free advice on 0800 118 2275


Laptop cuts out after 5 mins?

cuts-outIn this image to the left we have taken apart a customer fan. The grills suck in nice cold air and expel very hot air. Did you know that your cpu and graphics card generate enough heat to melt the solder that holds them together. This is a very common problem. In fact if you type Reflow Graphics card into google you will find many companies like ours reflowing graphic card chipsets where the fan is blocked so badly that the graphics card overheats and dies.

So in this image you can see quite easilly how the laptop just cannot expel hot air. Its completely blocked. This customer did not come in because her laptop was overheating she came in for a power pin repair. She was lucky. We cleaned it out for her and she hardly heard the fan anymore. If your fan is making loads of noise, usually this is because its trying to tell you something.



In the image above the customers fan would not spin even though we replaced it with a new one. The way we resolved this was to force the fan to spin by wiring it to the system board. We new the fan runs at 5 volts so we soldered a cable from 5 volts on the mainboard.The customer was delighted. We also carry out this sort of repair to Optoma projectors. The projector would overheat and cut out after 5 minutes.

Other companies would have given up on this one if the fan did not spin.

Here at Basildon repair services we remove the fan, take it to bits, clean it, oil it and put it back together. Also we put cpc paste on your graphics card and processor to cool it down.

This will fix the laptop cutting out after 5 minutes…..

Basildon Laptop Screen Repairs

20131104_164804When a laptop screen is broken its always best to put an original screen into the same laptop. You may be able to purchase a screen that can fit your laptop but if it is not compatible you may well have issues with screen brightness and resolution. Here at Laptop Repairs Basildon we remove your screen and take the serial code off the back of the screen and match it up so that your screen will always look at its brightest and best.

Screens these days come in 2 types. LCD and LED. The first is the older type its a liquid crystal display. These are on most laptops that are 3 years old or more. Very few if any laptops these days have LCD screens.


Picture 251



Picture 603

Newer screens are LED. Most laptops on the market today have LED screens. In general they are cheaper than LCD screens as very few companies make these older screens as technology has advanced the screens are getting better and better.

The good news also is that the newer screens are better and cheaper.

 For free advice on all repairs and a free diagnosis call 0800 118 2275